IT Security


A secure business environment

In the area of IT security consulting, we consider your environment from all perspectives, that means besides access control and considering the use of your environment (Who has access to which systems and when?), we also analyze the possibilities of access control managed by an Identity & Access Management System (IAM).

In today’s heterogeneous systems with various authorization systems, AM is a crucial component for the development of a secure IT infrastructure. Our IAM team provides individualized consulting to centralize the IAM infrastructure within your environment.

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Secure Bio-metric Access Control

Secure entry points at your business locations by only authorizing access to employees who belong on the premises. We can provide Access control with cloud based reporting and integration to Attendance systems. You can choose from Fingerprint, Facial recognition, Card Access, Custom ID Code and other networked based access control systems with centralised monitoring to help you to meet your security needs.

Our team can help you with one time installation, professional and long-term asset management or your technical support requirements.

IP Based CCTV Solutions

IP based cameras are the future. They work by turning images and audio into data then transmitting this data over a network or Internet connection.You have higher quality images and greater flexibility as the images can then be managed for recording, storage & viewing almost anywhere within a network.

We are able to provide IP Based CCTV Solutions using the latest technology and recognised reliable brands.

Network Surveillance and Monitoring

Traditional security solutions may fail to detect insider threats. We offer solutions that provide insight and actionable intelligence into the activities and behaviors of users: employees, contractors, and anyone who seeks to steal their credentials. The software records all computer activity on or off the network and send reports & alerts via email.

You can view and block sensitive data from leaving via email, web forms and removable media as well as data saved on local drives and remote laptops.


It’s not enough to just detect threats. Your firewall must prevent them. Your business needs real-time, comprehensive threat protection to secure your private, public and hybrid-cloud environment  from known and unknown threats and removing them before they get into your network.

Our engineers will analyse your network and recommend the right solution that gives you broad protection, high performance, advanced security and visibility. We partner with leading providers to bring you efficient solutions that safeguard your network and your traffic and simplify administration.

Token based VPN connectivity

Your business wants to give your employees remote access to your private servers over a secure VPN connection. You can now include an additional layer of authentication and security within a VPN using a VPN token, a security mechanism to authenticate a user or device on a VPN infrastructure.

We can help you by setting up a token based VPN that provides two-factor authentication (2FA). This will validate user identity and legitimate possession of credentials by presenting a second token in addition to their username and passwords and preventing intruders from accessing your network by stealing passwords.

Email Security and risk management

Advanced attacks on emails are reported to be on the rise and there is a definite increase in malicious macros within attachments. The negative business impact from the volume and type of attacks getting through current email security solutions costs businesses a lot of time and money.

We help our clients define a comprehensive email security strategy to prevent attacks, improve data management and mitigate business impact by making business email and data safer. Our partners are leading providers of email risk management solutions.